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Wilderness Survival

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Wilderness Survival skills are crucial if you are hoping to survive. In harsh and unforgiving environments, that can potentially turn pleasant adventures into deadly tragedies, you need to know how to cope. That's why it is important to be prepared.

We aim to provide you with Wilderness Survival skills that will help you prepare before you venture into the great outdoors. Our educational websites is adapted using information gather from an actual US Army training manual used to prepare the US Army for the toughest environments on earth. Wilderness Survival .Info includes easy to understand diagrams and steps that you can follow.

Our Wilderness Survival website covers such topics such as the procurement of potable water, locating or making shelter, food from animals and edible plants, and finding directions using the sun or stars. It also includes guides on surviving a biological, chemical or nuclear attack.

Not only do we provide wilderness survival information, but we also give information on survival fitness training, self-defence & orienteering... and it's all free!

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Let's get started:

Introduction - A basic introduction explaining the dangers of the wilderness and why wilderness survival skills are important.

Survival Planning - Outlines the steps neccessary to maximize your chances of survival.

Outdoor Survival - A detailed, step-by-step guide on how to construct an outdoor shelter & find materials to use.

Survival Use of Plants - How to find plants that are safe to eat and use for medical purposes.














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